In our current techno age, where the average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day, and it seems we look after our social media profiles more than we do ourselves (yikes?!), I have observed an increase in media attention, discussions, and even products that propose solutions to the ironic ‘disconnect’ that occurs as a result of our uber-tech-connected lifestyle. The question is often asked:


… What impact is this infusion of technology having on our health, relationships, well-being, and productivity levels?


These are all common “hot topics”, which many from all different arenas are bringing to the fore. Are our questions really being answered though? Or are we filling up with temporary fixes?

There is now a plethora of social media pages, websites and apps that promise us tech-based fixes for our health and well-being issues – but does technology really hold the solution?


Can an App really be your answer to better health?
Better living?
Better work productivity?
Better self-esteem and morale?


This may sound odd and potentially even hypocritical, being an App creator myself, but it is a question that has been at the fore of my thoughts for a few months now…

Can an App really change your life?

My answer is No.

Did all my product sales just go down before I finished typing that?
Ha, probably… but I stick by my answer.


As a young woman in particular, but also as a member of society and consumer of this current market we live in, I have witnessed the latest fad and quest for the ‘magic pill effect’ over and over. Whether this is pursued in the latest diet or detox, juice or milkshake, therapy, book or course, fitness routine, website, retreat or spa, form of entertainment, holiday, career, smartphone, tablet, and now apps (phew, take a breath)… the reality is that these things drop out of use just as quickly as they hit the app store or take the internet by storm. This in itself is proof that most do not offer sustained and true benefit for us, yet we continue to try again and again to find the solutions we seek for the problems or issues we endure.

Whilst some of these ‘fads’ have merit and good utility beyond the obvious ca$hing-in that goes on in some industries, to me it would appear that these outer quests have not delivered a long-lasting product (1 year warranty guaranteed tops?!) – But who really is the one to question here? Those delivering the ‘solutions’ and products, or us the consumers?

Could it be that the undermining aspect of this seeming never-ending race is that we are caught looking to the ‘outer’ for the directions and way to go, while missing the most important part…


…the one actually running the race – ME and YOU?

Being the founder/creator, and of course user, of the Our Cycles App and other apps in the industry, I know first hand the enormous benefit that well-made technology can offer us. What we can monitor, track, know about ourselves, and explore about ourselves has gone without question to new depths… though being a user myself I also know that I must ‘use’ it for it to actually work! I must put in the ‘me’ time to make those notes or enter that data, or else there is no person to gather information about.

And let’s face it, there are only so many times something like an App can ‘nudge’ you before it becomes just another interruption in your already busy day. ‘Push notifications’ can quickly become pushy – another little demand to flick away with your swipe-happy pointer finger before finally finding a minute to change the darn settings.

The philosophy behind the way I set about the creation of the Our Cycles App and services provided was not for the bettering, saving, or fixing of any user’s health, well-being or lifestyle, but rather offering a modern-age tool that equips the person to take heed and be at the fore of their own change.

If the user is putting in the ‘me’ time, and the App delivering its full service as it then can do, what is delivering the change here? The App or the user?


True change begins with you, it begins with me, it begins with us…

if we are willing to be at the centre of who is making the different choices, who is asking the different questions, and who is exploring our health, our lifestyle and our well-being, then this IS something we can sustain for true and lasting good. 


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July 14, 2016

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