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How 'Our Cycles' Began

Step 3: The Trial

The Our Cycles App now offers a mechanism through which women and men can connect deeply to the profound awareness their body has to offer them about their daily health and well-being, and thus be empowered to take responsibility and confidently know how and where to seek the lifestyle changes or support that is needed.


Upon completion of the program, Natalie presented this “concept” to a group of 200+ women, ranging from all ages and phases of life, who further trialed it and reported the same success that she experienced. Naturally, the inspiration was born to further share this concept as far and wide as possible.

Step 4: Technology Development

The creation of the application software later commenced, led by Natalie, and every aspect of the App’s technology reflects the essence of what was unfolded during the program initiated by her. In short, it was designed to capture the importance of not only seeing the body for its mere functional and biological aspects, but inspire a re-connection to the deep honouring that is available when one listens to and cares for themselves through the development of a loving rhythm and a consistent awareness of the body and the cycles.


It soon became apparent that this awareness was of course not just limited to or exclusive to women who have their period. Men and Women in all stages of life could benefit from an observation of their cycles – particularly in relation to the Full Moon. And so this app began as a Period Tracking App but quite naturally evolved to be inclusive of all and is now the most unique Cycle tracking app currently available online.

Step 1: The Concept

The concept for the methodology behind Our Cycles originally came from an un-ease Natalie had been experiencing with the imposed views and attitudes that prevail towards women’s periods - noting the impact it caused to herself and women in general, largely purporting a culture of shame, lack of awareness or understanding of a woman’s body and its cycles, and equally thus resulting in a lack of self-care and regard.


As is Natalie’s usual style, she walks what she endeavours to ‘talk’, and so she began a personal discovery to approach her cycle in a way that would be free of such imposed beliefs, and potentially uncover what this process was all truly about (besides the obviousness of the physical anatomy).

Step 2: The Program

The program Natalie initiated included the use of a daily diary, to become more acutely aware of her body and what it was communicating to her through feelings, moods, symptoms, period and ovulation cycle dates and lengths, and noting where patterns emerged by repeating themes. Essentially, all the elements that now comprise the App were trialed in this process – and the results were successful and very simple; by introducing more care to be aware of the cycle, the body, and what it was communicating, a deeper understanding and relationship developed for Natalie to know herself and what was true or not in her health and well-being on any given day.


Hence, throughout this process the concept of ‘Our Cycles’ was grounded, as Natalie explored the varying possibilities of how to simply and practically connect more deeply to this very vital part of our daily lives. She committed herself to this program for 6 months, and pushed beyond the boundaries of only engaging her cycle to “track a period” and further pushed beyond wanting to “know one’s fertility dates”, both useful for obvious practical reasons, but Natalie’s purpose was searching for something much deeper. 

“A woman’s body is, by design, living in Cycles. By nurturing awareness of the Cycles, you allow the woman’s true nature to blossom.” ~ Natalie Benhayon

Our Cycles Colour Themes

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