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The Woman behind the App

Natalie Benhayon works with a range of complementary therapies and has a particular interest in women’s health and well-being.

As the founding Director of ‘Esoteric Women’s Health ~ Health from Within’ she collaborates with other complementary therapists and health professionals worldwide developing programs and events that provide a forum and opportunity for all to openly review the state of women’s health and the quality brought to living as women today.

"With an open and honest approach Our Cycles endured the process to explore common topics from; the attitudes towards menstruation and menopause, to self-nurturing, self-care, responsibility for one's health, the roles we believe (falsely) we must strive for, where we are really at in society, and much more. The research process continued to unfold and go to new depths, with women across the world sharing their own insights and how the philosophy of Our Cycles continues to inspire them to deepen the relationship to their well-being, their bodies, with themselves and with others".

~ Natalie Benhayon

Natalie is twenty-six years old but has never let her age hold her back from ‘doing what needs to be done’ and those who meet her attest to the ‘ageless quality’ of the depth and understanding she brings to all aspects of her life and work.


A presenter, entrepreneur and health practitioner, Natalie is one of those rare people who can make the extraordinary seem ordinary - and always with warmth, humour and ease. An eloquent teacher, and of note is her particular quality that sustains her work in the field of human health and well-being is her immeasurable love of people.

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