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Men & Cycles

The Benefits for Men...
With ‘Our Cycles’ there is now a framework for men to note the changes in their moods and body symptoms as they occur, and help increase self-awareness and self-responsibility.
It is designed in a simple-to-use application, with easy note taking, and auto-collating of your feelings/moods or symptoms that can be reviewed visually in your Charts at any time.
The concept of following a cycle supports a person to explore the possibility that life doesn’t have to be a random series of unrelated events, but a constant experience of the choices that we have made and therefore, can be supported to make changes when and where we need to.


It's not loony time of the month but a significant point that marks the beginning of a new cycle...

The Full Moon has been written about in many cultures, and for thousands of years it has been known to mark its relevance for cycles, seasons, and constellations. But of what relevance does it have to us in modern society?


Although its origins are ancient, its relevance is modern, as our bodies naturally live and respond monthly to cycles and the Full Moon is a key one at that. It brings a time of change, of self-reflection, questioning in one's life and the opportunity to review if we are adjusting and growing or getting stuck in a rut of habits that do not truly support us or our ever-developing nature. 


The Full Moon Diary offers features to make this approach to the body a very practical and simple process; your body communicates with you all the time about what is and what is not truly working for it and with this awareness your health and well-being is far better taken care of.


This app is designed for use by all men, from the man in the mines to the man in the sky-rise office, it encourages sensitivity without it being seen as a sign of weakness.
Our Cycles is breaking the mould and equally encouraging men to take time to check-in with their health and well-being, to become more self-aware and know what's going on for them month to month. 

Men can follow a cycle just as women do, and in fact, naturally their body's do it, though they are so heavily conditioned to be hard, tough and not 'feel feelings'...

Our Cycles is breaking the ill-trend and inspiring men to take better care of themselves...


The concept of the preparation days before the Full Moon simply provides a chance to look more closely and what possible feelings or symptoms are arising...

Each full moon cycle offers an opportunity for self-reflection and cleansing. What happens in this preparation phase can vary; it may be a longer or shorter amount of days that you begin to notice or feel changes in the body, feelings or moods, which are all relevant in the lead up to the body getting ready to release and let go.

Self-awareness is the key in this time of ‘preparing’, as much of what your body communicates to you in this time are indicators for how you have been living this past cycle... too much stress? or emotional unrest? too much in your head? or have you been looking after yourself?


In this time of preparing your body is your best-friend, the true one that really tells you how it is without any cushions on the side, and all designed to support you to look after your body with the care it truly deserves.

"I met Natalie and discussed with her how profitable this app potentially can be. I was positively surprised to see that she was not really interested in hearing about how to make money out of the app. Indeed, she was more interested in listening to suggestions about how to make the app better in helping people to get to know themselves. This says it all."

- Ahmed TahounAssistant Professor London Business School

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