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The Concept


‘Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary’ provides a revolutionary approach to self-care and well-being in a simple-to-use application designed for both Women and Men.

Track your feelings and moods, make notes about your day and use this app as a space to self-reflect and enjoy a deepening understanding of yourself and your body. Explore how, with simple observation and basic record keeping, you can get to know yourself in relation to the bigger-picture cycles taking place – daily, weekly and monthly.
Reflect and empower yourself to...
Keep a diary of notes that support to self-reflect and make changes in your lifestyle for better health
and well-being where you feel you need to.
Observe patterns in recurring feelings, moods or emotional reactions.
Observe how you treat yourself and your body – see where you can be gentler with yourself and make more time to self-nurture.
Begin to change habits you have been trapped by or otherwise unaware of.
‘Our Cycles’ understands that the more we connect to and observe what is going on in our bodies and how we are feeling the more opportunity we have to make different choices, both within ourselves and in our lives... this app makes self-awareness and self-responsibility fun and easy to track.
In essence, we have combined the modern age use of technology with the old-fashioned principles of a hand-written diary... It is an App that encourages ‘time-out’ and self-reflection, and can be used by all.

No matter your age or gender there is a cycle for you to be aware of...

- Fiona -

"As a girl, I looked forward to getting my period but I soon discovered it was something to be kept secret (especially from men) and had huge potential for embarrassment. So my periods although never very painful, were nothing special, and I only kept track of my cycle to not get pregnant. The Our Cycles app has brought back the appreciation of how special our cycle is, that my young self naturally knew. I have discovered there is a whole month, not just the period of bleeding in which to observe and appreciate the changes in my body. My attitude to my period and cycle has changed so much in the last few years of peri-menopause. I actually rest on the heavy days, eat differently and am generally much more gentle with myself. I also now observe all the changes in my body throughout the month and adjust the way I am being.

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