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"Over the last week I made a conscious effort to utilize the our cycles app to its full potential, being as honest as possible in writing notes and selecting my feelings, moods and symptoms I experience each day. All of this was pretty revealing to say the least. Certainly an interesting exercise to write down and track how you feel to reflect back on.
This morning I utilised the CHARTS feature and I was astonished. To be able to view a trend of the moods I had experienced over the past week was super revealing.


It is not the fact that the app could do this,

but it was how I could use this data. 

What was profound was the fact that there is a clear link

between my moods and my symptoms. 

The our cycles app presented a point in which to start to address what is going on for me. Giving me an opportunity to take this information further to seek support wherever I may choose. 
The brilliance behind this is through consistent use, the app reflects my actions against the support I have been receiving-- highlighting whether or not my actions are or have been truly supportive."

—  Darren

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