I have often wondered when doing my shopping, whether the fresh fruit and vegetables I am looking to purchase are actually in season. Before the existence of long-term refrigeration we would have only been able to eat what was seasonally available at any given time of the year, right? Well, I’m not about to blog on how to set up your own backyard fruit and vege patch as gardening is not really my thing, but the concept of this question has in recent times got me pondering a little deeper…


How much of my life do I live in sync
with what is truly ‘in season’ ?


There are many seasonal and cyclical changes we experience through life, from a sunrise to sunset, the moon phases and the changing of the tides, one month to the next month, summer to autumn or winter to spring, and in all cases there are significant changes and elements around us adapting and responding to them.


But do we adapt to our inner-cycles of change when they occur?


Do we have a habit of pushing through the signs and continuing on in the same way when our ‘inner-cycles’ have actually called for change?


We all have varying cycles that could be similarly seen as what we know to be the ‘planet’s seasonal changes’ – whether it is a daily or weekly schedule in your profession, a menstrual cycle, the full moon cycle, the Christmas rush, the new year’s freshness, a holiday/break period, an intense work time, and so on (the list could go on). The key here is not the changes themselves, but that we are in fact experiencing these changes constantly in many areas of our life.

But how many of us really feel we are at the helm

steering the ship here?
Who gets caught playing ‘catch up’ in their life?


If we look to nature as an example, animals know precisely when the seasons and their cycles are changing and when to prepare for them – they know when it is time to breed, time to hibernate, time to eat or time to migrate – and they do it all without a calendar reminder notification! (ha, kudos to them!).

It is all too commonly the case that we do notice and/or know in advance a period of change is starting to emerge, but often find ourselves following a few steps behind, rather than preparing ahead for what is to come.

If we open ourselves to consider the possibility that just like the weather changes with the seasons, we too change as our own rhythms and cycles unfold, it would then be considered wise to prepare in advance for what is ahead for each of us… just like we prepare our change of wardrobe – summer to autumn or winter to spring.

Have you ever noticed how hard and miserable you can get when you rush out the door and forget your jacket and then have to brace yourself against the cold? Or how ‘on edge’ you can feel if you go too long without a really good sleep? Being aware of the cycles and being with them instead of at the mercy of them builds a sense of nurturing and regard for yourself that in turn naturally builds your presence and confidence. This of course relates to all aspects of your life. How often have you had the feeling to speak up at work only to ignore it… only for it to come back around and bite you later?


Is it possible there is a natural cycle at play in all things,
a rhythm that we can note and attune ourselves to
…or deny and avoid?


Taking the time to listen deeply and stay attuned to our rhythms and cycles would mean a much more self-aware and conscious way of living our days that supported us in any change that may lay ahead… we would not need to become a stressed out mess for our next impending deadline… only to spend our breaks ill or sick while our body is recovering.

There is much about life we cannot control, but we do have a say about how we are in it – how we are responding to it, reacting to it, living in sync with it or living out-of-sync to it.

Our lives are full of constant rhythms, cycles and seasons that change and eventually repeat and come around again

Starting with some simple self-care and honouring of your cycles…


How will you prepare and respond
to your next change of season?




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July 14, 2016

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